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Road with fields on both sides


The center aims to connect local and international communities by providing diverse events related to Taiwan studies such as book talks, lecture series, international conferences, and cultural events. We will provide multiple events and invite speakers to focus on Taiwan and Taiwanese Americans studies.



The Center will provide information related to Taiwan studies and events hosted by Taiwanese communities.


Book Talks

The Center hosts regular book talks by scholars, policy experts and practitioners.


Lecture Series

The Center hosts lectures series by scholars, post Doc. The speaker will give the speech to the public about their research related to Taiwan studies.


International Conference

The Center will host international conferences related to Taiwan studies.


Public Culture Events

The Center will host or co-host Concerts, Film Festivals, and Public Culture Events that are related to Taiwan or Taiwanese Americans. For instance, Aboriginal music from Taiwan, Folk Music, Taiwan Film Showcase at UCSD, Asian Heritage Week, and so on.